About Company

Suzhou Xibeiyou Roller Wheel Co., Ltd. is located in the world's 500 largest gathering place - Suzhou industrial park, close to Shanghai. CPUGL specialize in polymer materials development, synthesizing and polyurethane wheels prodcution. We always focus on polyurethane elastomer industry with continuous innovation.

We can customize wheels according to specific environment and special requirements and provide you with the best performance to meet various needs for polyurethane products.

We CPUGL specialize in providing polyurethane ROLLERS and WHEELS for conveyor needs in various industry sectors since 2013. Raw polyurethane materials are from world’s most recognized and renowned manufacturers. Quality check is also performed which ensures reliability & durability of these materials before production. Our specialized management team are able to assure good quality and on time deliveries.

CPUGL products are widely used in intralogistics, auto industry, elevators, textile industry, mining etc. We design, research and develop products to meet the specific requirements of every application. In cooperation with customers, we focus on good quality, flexible delivery and high capacity for innovation. Quick response to special demands of custom-made rollers and wheels are our advantages.