Polyurethane wheels are widely used in intralogistics industry. AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) systems are designed for automated storage and retrieval of parts and items in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale and distribution processes. AGV/RGV, stacker crane,shuttle vehicle, conveyor and sorting line provide a reliable performance in automated material storage and movement.

Automotive industry

Current competitiveness in automotive manufacturing industry requires much more higher performances of its plants. In order to support 24-hours-a-day continuous production cycle , we have to optimize our plants, equipped with high performances production lines which desire absolute reliability of conveying systems and their components. With optimization and setting of new and existing automotive processes, we can be involved in the optimization process parameters, improve production efficiency and product quality.


Suspended monorail transport is among the most economical, safest and most widely used mode of transport in mining industry. It is very efficient and can be used continuously in transport of people and various kinds of technological and operational materials. It excels particularly in transport at long mining roadways with variable inclination of up to ± 30 degrees. For a Suspended Monorail Crane , normally, heavy transport of loads in big inclines or in areas with extreme humidity and bad adhesion conditions are also need to be taken into consideration to ensure its safety and reliability.  The fundamental parts of a suspended monorail crane are the track and wheels . We can provide you with high-performance polyurethane wheels.

Amusement parks

A Roller coaster is a type of rides that you can find in amusement parks and theme parks. A basic roller coaster structure contains the climb, slide, reverse. It use gravity and inertia to make train travel along a winding track and its orbit is not necessarily a complete circle back design, also can be designed for moving to and fro on the orbit. Roller coaster use dozen of rotating friction wheels to drive train, to climb the hill . These wheels are arranged in two adjacent rows along the track . They stick the bottom (or top) of the train in the middle and push the train forward.

Textile industry

Polyurethane wheels and rollers are widely used in textile Industry. We provide a reliable performance in conveyors and material storage and movement. We also make customize rollers and wheels as per your requirement.

Stereo garage parking

Polyurethane wheels and rollers are widely used in stereo parking Industry. We provide a reliable performance of wheels in stereo parking industry. We also make customize rollers and wheels as per your requirement.